By completing and submitting this form, you are agreeing to offer Mellco Pty Ltd (“Mellco”) the sole right, but not the obligation, to buy part, or all, of the estimated tonnages on this form, as per the 2022-23 Durum Area Program Rules

Area Program Rules and Fact Sheet 22-23 Program FACT SHEET.

Please ensure that your firm offer only applies to area that will be harvested as deliverable grain. Area required for future seed retention, cut as fire break etc needs to be deducted prior to a commitment to an Area Contract.

This offer remains firm until 10am (SA time) Tuesday April 19, 2022.

If Mellco elects to accept your offer for all, or part, of your estimated tonnage, a legally binding, deliverable purchase contract will be established. You will be sent a contract confirmation as soon as practical following the closure of the offer.

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